Monday, July 16, 2007

Sex sells, almost everything

Okay the video by Obama Girl is catchy, sexy, and a creative way to put Obama's name on the lips of every young teenage male between here and Poughkeepsie. But will it actually backfire?

I think it will do as much to mobilize the religious right who believe that putting a non-white person in the White House is like rebuilding Sodom and Gomorrah. Yeah, it's sexy. Yeah, it's appealing to youth.

But who goes out and votes these days, anyway? The decrepit conservatives who have been sitting in a fundamentalist church half their lives. If you think Obama Girl is going to shake up the election--it will, but for the other side.

I'm reasonably liberal, but I see it as bad planning / bad strategizing. What else is new for the Democratic Party these days?

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