Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Hypocrisy! It's outrageous.

SAN DIEGO -- The Roman Catholic Diocese of San Diego is asking parishioners to donate $25 million to help pay for its $198.1 million settlement with childhood sex abuse victims.

Maybe the Church leaders should have thought about obligations when they didn't allow the priests to marry and live like normal men.

Is the priesthood the only place a Catholic male who happens to be a Pedophile can go? The people who knew about these horrible acts should be paying, not the parishioners. The parishioners have already paid in blood by living with the abuse and suffering from the effects.

To ask your parishioners to pony up money so you can pay your debts in this case is like Charles Manson asking the family of Sharon Tate to pay his defense fees. Immoral, irresponsible, and wrong.

I'm an idealist, and no church should be described in those words: immoral, irresponsible, and wrong. It's just plain outrageous, when you think about it. Praise God from one side of the mouth, and ask for money out of the other--and not money to help the poor or heal the sick. There's not enough money in the world to heal this sickness.

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