Wednesday, April 30, 2008


I love the Discovery channel's show Deadliest Catch, but even I had to stop and blink when, on a recent episode, the crew of the Cornelia Marie dumped a truck into the Bering Sea.

Here's what happened: The Hillstrand brothers, who own the ship Time Bandit, decided to prank Phil, the captain of the Cornelia Marie, by exchanging a rusted out old truck for one of Phil's crab pots. When Phil discovered it, laughed, and radioed the Hillstrand brothers, his crew then dumped the truck into the sea. Am I the only one concerned about this? I love the show, but that was like watching someone dump dog poop in your front yard. Disconcerting.

I wonder what else the boats are offloading out there when no one's watching.

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