Monday, March 3, 2008

Breaking news? I think not.

The Sac Bee just posted this story on the armed RT rider who is wanted for carjacking charges. On top of that, they printed the security photo of the young black male with a shotgun tucked visibly under his shirt. On the Light Rail. With a gun. Sticking out of his shirt.

We knew about it at my office a week ago, thanks to security. The police posted a press release on their site on February 15, 2008 about the robber. Two weeks later, the Bee gives us their spin on the story. Now THAT'S "breaking news"--or is the news just "breaking us"?

The suspect has had time to move on or find a new neighborhood of unsuspecting wallet-carriers. Not only has the suspect had time to move on, but is this 'just another photo' of a black man on the edge of violence? Is the Bee fanning the flames of paranoia and crazy code red threat alerts? Where's my duct tape?

And then the article ends with the informative (and I say this sarcastically) sentence:

The fact that there are people out there with pistol-grip shotguns, willing to pull the trigger, should serve as stark notice.

Yeah, these are the times we live in.

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