Tuesday, April 1, 2008

It's all about the spin

Watching the Democratic primary is like ...well, crossing my eyes and trying to touch my nose with my tongue. It is a real sign of bully politics when they are pressuring Clinton to step down "just because" Obama has a lead. Yeah lady, move over for the MAN. Step aside, just like Rosie the Riveter had to go back to the kitchen and play nicey-nice after WWII.

Well, I say, screw that.

For those of you who might suggest I'm racist because I don't think Clinton should sit down and shut up, you're wrong. I would disagree in that I would vote for a Mexican woman, a Black woman, a Native American woman, a striped woman before I would vote for an equally (or less in this case) qualified male. You could call me a womanist. You could call me a bitch. I have been called worse, but I imagine Hillary can up me on that.

And how do we know the prO-bama camp isn't a front for the Repubs? I still think it is an excellent ploy--divide and conquer. Let them fight it out. One thing's for sure, Jesus will keep the red states unified. Another man. Sigh.

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